26 October 2012

Berlin Boogie: Charlottenburg Mausoleum and Schlossgarten

In my previous posts, I have shown pictures of the Charlottenburg Palace Complex. The series continues, with the photos of the mausoleum and the palace gardens.

The mausoleum is located north of the palace, in a secluded area of the whole thing. This is the building that houses the coffins of the royals. When they died, they went here. Now they are resting, in a quiet area of the palace grounds.

Those were the pictures from the Mausoleum. Some things I noticed were that there were plenty of weird statues, even pedestals for lamps had animal heads in them.

After that, I went out and explored the rest of the grounds. I started with the Belvedere, a tall small palace that supposedly gives good views of the grounds. Now it houses the porcelain collection of the royal family.

Then I strolled around and found statues all over the place.

Finally, since I was in the garden, I was able to get some exterior shots of the palace.

So there, that was the Mausoleum and the Schlossgarten. You thought the palace is all over by now? Nope. My last post for the huge palace complex is still coming up, as there's still another building I haven't blogged about. Wait for it.


  1. It spooks me whenever I visit a mausoleum with actual cast figures of the dead. Oh wait, is this your "trick or treat" entry for Halloween? lol!

    1. TNP,

      Haha, didn't figure it to be the case, as I schedule my posts ahead, and didn't realize that Halloween is coming up! :-P