22 October 2012

Berlin Boogie: Charlottenburg Neuer Flügel

The Charlottenburg Palace is a huge complex, and my previous entry showed pictures of the main building. For this entry, I am showing pictures taken from the New Wing, which has larger and more expansive rooms, used mostly for banquet purposes. The rococo design in these rooms is overflowing, and sometimes I thought how can this be beautiful, when it looks so over the top. But I guess that's how people lived back in the days.

Again, I do not know much about the history of this place that I can repeat it here. So I will just show pictures to whet your appetite. If you ever come to Berlin, this is a place that is worth checking out.

See how even the furnace has furnishings?

This green rococo room is just too much for my taste.

I didn't realize that fauxhawks are already fashionable back in the days.

The furnishing in this room is milder than the rest, but is still opulent.

So there, these were some selections of pictures I have taken in the New Wing. My next entry will show pictures from other parts of the palace complex.

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