04 October 2012

Berlin Boogie: Pergamon Museum

I would like to use the weekends for myself, as much as I can. I was a workaholic back in graduate school, so I would want to change that a little bit. Of course, when the deadlines come, I probably would find myself working during the weekends too, but in the meantime, I went sight-seeing. This post will chronicle my visit to the Pergamon Museum, in Berlin's Museuminsel.

I've always wanted to visit this place. After all, the Ishtar Gate is stored here. I decided to come early, as I figured the lines would be long. Good thing there was only a little wait, and I got a ticket that would allow me to enter right away.

Upon entering the museum, one will be greeted by the huge Altar of Pergamon, excavated somewhere in modern-day Turkey. This is just amazing. However, the temperature in this part of the museum was warm, and besides, there are other things I wanted to see.

This mosaic is several hundreds of years old.

This is a gate dating back from Roman times, if I remember correctly.

And here it is, the famed Gate of Ishtar. I could stare at this marvel all day long, if I can. It is quite a humbling experience to be standing in front of it, knowing the massive engineering feat that it needed back when it was first constructed.

The museum also has plenty of Assyrian relics, so I saw plenty of exhibits about King Ashurbanipal, and other royals in the Middle East.

There is also a huge Middle Eastern and Islamic section, so there are rooms filled with tapestries and other Islamic relics. I especially loved the way they design their arches and corridors.

Finally, there is a whole hall dedicated to the relics found in Pergamon itself. I didn't realize it had an Acropolis as huge as the one found in Athens. After all, Pergamon was an ancient Greek city as well. So yes, there were plenty of statues, pillars, and other relics. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my spare battery, so I was really conservative in taking pictures. I won't forget to check whether I have extra batteries or not the next time.


  1. Looks impressive! I'm not too familiar with famous museums in Berlin though. Can't think of one (like the Louvre for instance). I'm sure it's me, because Germany sure has a lot of history!

    1. Zhu,

      Berlin surely does. And I heard some Berlin tourism promotion saying that the city has 175 museums. The Pergamon Museum is one big one, as well as others located in the Museuminsel (Museum Island), which is actually a World Heritage Site!

  2. I'm actually working on myself not to bring work at home and also during weekends. I spend most of my free time writing my book instead :)

    Wonderful photos! I've never been to Berlin yet, but soon when we have time :)

    1. Charles,

      When you visit, I think you'll have fun. Make sure to let me know so I can show you around!