13 November 2012

Berlin Boogie: Berliner Dom

One of the buildings that is truly impressive here in Berlin is the Berliner Dom. It is dead in the middle of Mitte, facing the green expanse of Lustgarten, and is just the essence of ecclesiastical majestic pomp. I visited this church one afternoon, and I didn't expect the majesty and extravagance that was waiting for me inside. So after paying the entrance fee (yes folks, this church has an entrance fee), I entered, and my camera went to work.

These are photos of the exterior. It's one majestic building, as you can see. Inside, I spent so much time ogling stuff, my neck just hurt afterward.

Since I am not a church-goer, I don't know what these church parts are for. I just took photographs of them. I also climbed the dome, and oh boy, there were plenty of stairs. But the view above was immensely amazing.

As you can see, you can spot the Fernsehturm, the Red Rathaus, and many other landmarks of the city. It is a great view, however, unfortunately, the view comes with a price of the entrance fee.


  1. Lots of churches have entrance fees in Europe... and high entrance fees to boot! I guess that's how they can keep the place open. The view is great though!

    1. Zhu,

      Now that you mention it, that makes perfect sense. Religious attendance is declinining in Europe, so they have to supplement church income with tourism.