19 November 2012

Little Things III

Here's another one of those random "Wow, that is interesting" posts. I did some online shopping the other day. I needed a new vacuum cleaner.

The thing is, the apartment I have is furnished; most of the things I need are there. Furniture, sofa, bed, bed linen, even towels. Washing machine, dishes, refrigerator. There are other things included too, like hot water kettle, microwave, and vacuum cleaner. However, some of these items are old or not really functional. I don't want to use the hot water kettle because the wires inside look weird. The microwave doesn't work. And recently, the vacuum cleaner just died.

Now it's all fine, really. I just told my landlord that this and that doesn't work, and instead of them replacing it, I figured I'd replace it myself, by buying my own equipment that I like, and then keeping it for myself, when I move out.

So there, I went to Amazon.de, and bought myself a new vacuum cleaner. Now, the interesting thing about German online shopping is that you can actually have your package delivered to some institution, like a convenience store or a grocery near your apartment, and you'll just pick it up from there. So that you don't have to wait for it at home, or go to the post office to pick it up. When I entered my address, there was actually an option to do that, plus a list of recommended places where I can have it delivered, and where I can pick it up. The good thing with this is that these institutions have long hours, so I can pick it up on my way home from work.

And yes, I paid this through a bank transfer. No credit card still.

(Shell Structure, from my Central Park Series)


  1. I'm surprised they don't take credit cards online! The picking up part is convenient though.

    1. Zhu,

      Oh they do. That bit was about me, as I don't have a credit card given that EU banking systems seem to work with just a EC-card.