22 November 2012

Putzing Around in Potsdam: Marmorpalais

I took my day ticket in Potsdam for a spin. The great thing with the castles and palaces in Potsdam is that you can buy a day ticket and visit as many buildings as you possibly can within the day. So that's what I did. I first visited the Cecilienhof Palace, and after that, I headed down south to the Marmorpalais, which is the subject of this entry.

The Marmorpalais can only be visited by guided tour. The tour is conducted in German, but there are English audio guides that are available. As I knew enough German to get by, I opted not to use the audio guide. Before the tour started, I took some shots of the exterior.

This is a view of the palace. There are two wings, connected to the main hall.

Inside, one has to wear these gigantic fluffy slippers. The thing is, the floors are either marble or wood, and both of these materials are delicate, so we had to protect the floors by wearing these over our shoes.

This is a shot from the connecting corridor. There are renovation work going on, so there are things that should not be in the picture, like the covers for the statues.

These are some pictures of the various rooms in the palace. As you can see, the floor has these intricate wooden patterns, which was done by getting different pieces of wood that have various shades of darkness. Every room exhibits a different wood pattern, although I think there are a few rooms that have the same pattern. That being said, I admire the painstaking detail that has been given to this part of the palace.

Just some random pictures of other things I saw. There is this one room designed to look like the interior of an Arabian tent. It was funny how people back then thought that this place is exotic. And therefore they wanted some exotic material in their palaces.


  1. I had no idea there was so many palaces in Germany! Funny that I don't think of it as an historical place like Italy or France.

    1. Zhu,

      Your reactions always interest me, as it reflects perceptions of people from your part of the world. It was the same for me, in a different way, I have only known about these Prussian royals after I have visited these palaces I never knew existed before.