06 December 2012

Putzing Around in Potsdam: Orangerieschloss

I continued on with my exploration of Potsdam with my day ticket. The next palace I visited was the Orangerieschloss, or the Orangery Palace. This palace is only accessible with a guided tour, so I joined several other people in touring this place.

As usual, they take care of the marble floors, so we had to wear those large fuzzy slippers over our shoes. Our guide was amazing, in the sense that he had a lot of knowledge about the place. There were plenty of rooms that were interesting, however, there were plenty of people, and so it was a little hard to take photos.

This was the purple room. As you can see, purple if the color motif of this place.

The pictures above are photos from the Raphael Hall, the highlight of the palace. There are several copies of Rennaissance paintings in here, as well as sculpture. It is truly a magnificent room in the building.

Next to the Raphael Hall is the red room. As you can see, the furniture are all red in here.

Finally, after touring the interior, I decided to go up the observation deck, and then walk around the exterior. These are some shots I took while outside.

So there, that was the Orangery Palace. After this, there is one last building that I visited in Potsdam. After that, we will go back to Berlin.


  1. These purple couches and chairs are so Versace!

  2. Zhu,

    Really? I guess I am not too familiar with the fashion world to know...