26 January 2013

The Privatization

If you are a careful reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I have slightly changed the publishing schedule of my blog. Up until the middle of January, I have been publishing 2 articles for every 3 days. I have started that pattern from February 2011. It provided a sort of rhythm and schedule to the blog, as before that, I would have stretches of days where I had something to say, and then there would be lulls. Looking at the Archives of this blog clarifies what I am talking about: there are months when I would only have a handful of articles, and there are other months when I have an article for almost every day of the month.

Since February 2011, the publishing rhythm of this blog has been steady, and I have been writing about 20 articles per month. However, that is about to change, slightly.

I have come to the realization that I have less to say nowadays than before. Sometimes, I would look at my blog's Control Panel and see how many articles are still lined up waiting to be published, and I would silently remark, "Uh oh, I only have 6 articles remaining. I better come up with something to say." Before, I would not have this feeling. Instead, I felt "Uh oh, I have 20 articles still unpublished! I can't wait for this entry to be published!"

Hence, I am taking this as a sign that I am publishing too much. Therefore, I am slowing down my publishing rate, and will now only publish an article every other day. So with this slight change, instead of having 20 articles per month, I will go down to 15.

So why the change? Is this blog becoming silent? Well, not exactly. The thing is, sometimes, there are things I want to write, and yet on second thought, I prefer to keep those thoughts to myself. Sometimes, when you have something precious, it is better to keep it to yourself than to broadcast it to the world.

Maybe I am just being sentimental and sappy. Perhaps the real reason is that I am already 30 (yes folks, I am done with my twenties), and my energy isn't the same as what I had before. Heck, I have been doing this for 8 years now. Perhaps, my priorities have changed. Perhaps, as much as I am into documenting my life and writing down my thoughts, I also want to do something else.

My main worry is that I don't want writing this blog to be a burden. I don't want this to be an obligation. Instead, I want this to be a hobby, you know, something to look forward to at the end of the day, a repository for my thoughts (and pictures). So, instead of being self-pressured to write more articles just because my article queue is being depleted, then I will just reduce my articles.

So there. Aside from that, I think another slight change would be that there would be more entries that just showcase pictures. Well, if I am decreasing my blogging activity, that means the proportion of the picture entries to the non-picture entries would change too, as my picture-taking rate remains constant.

So there, my life is rather public (you can google me and find lots of information about me, so what), but I think the times have changed. This blog will still be around, for the time being, but it doesn't serve a purpose for me that way it did back in 2005.

(Cubist Nudes, from my Art Institute of Chicago Series)


  1. When was your birthday? Belated happy birthday, welcome in your thirties... I'm almost there too ;-)

    Publish whenever you can and whenever is right for you. That's the key I think!

    1. Zhu,

      Haha, my birthday is in mid-July. So yeah, I have been 30 for a few months now. :-)