13 February 2013

Berlin Boogie: Alter St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof

The Alter St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof is a historic cemetery in Berlin. Famous folk are buried here, including the brothers Grimm. Anyway, during one afternoon before the winter finally set in, I decided to pay a visit to this cemetery, and see what's around. I haven't been visiting plenty of cemeteries in my travels: the latest one I have been to was the Cementerio General in Santiago, Chile.

This is the entrance, which is easily accessible from the Yorckstrasse stations.

The first thing that one will see is this little neat chapel. One passes by the shop and coffeeshop and this building will be seen. If you have relatives that are buried here, you can borrow gardening supplies such as little hoes and daggers and waterpots from the coffeeshop.

After checking out this chapel, I went ahead and took a stroll.

There were traditional graves, like this one. But the rest I have seen are rather interesting and modern.

This tombstone displays various memorabilia of this dead person's life.

I like this one.

This one was definitely a mountain climber.

I like what is written here: Those who live in the hearts of their loved ones, they are not dead, they are just far away. I find it interesting to ponder about how humans really have a hard time accepting the fact that life ends at one point.

I liked this one; it looks like a puzzle.

And I liked this one too. It looks like someone forgot their foot and kept walking.

So yeah, I took a pleasant stroll here. This is one of the less-visited sights in Berlin, so not a lot of people were there when I visited. And no, I wasn't able to find the tombs of the Brothers Grimm.


  1. These are interesting if gloomy places to visit, it tells a lot about a country. I remember visiting the cemetery in Buenos Aires, an interesting mix of art and death.

    1. Zhu,

      Art and death, I like that. I remember when I was in Santiago, it was death and social class.