13 March 2013

Alongside Utrecht's Oudegracht

While I was in Utrecht for my conference, I also took some time to stroll around the city. Granted, there were museums that one can check out, but I wasn't feeling particularly keen on them. So instead, I just used my time to walk around the city and see what's around. Well, one particularly scenic area of town was the streets that hugged the Oudegracht (Old Canal). This is a north-south stretch, and while they were charming, I think they would be better-looking during the spring, when the leaves come back to the trees.

You can see that there are shops and boutiques that are lined next to it.

You can see the Dom Tower from here, which is a good landmark to see where you are when you're walking around in the city. You can also see the little shops and restaurants that line the banks of the canal. Mind you, this is below sea level.

There are even art galleries. Honestly, the Dutch people live so close to the water, it is unbelievable. Yes, I come from the Philippines, but I am not the most water-loving person out there. I'd rather live with the mountains, but then, that's just my preference.

One could imagine that having an apartment next to the canal would be very expensive. After all, it's prime real estate area!


  1. Quite picturesque despite a grey day!

    1. Zhu,

      Indeed! I could only imagine how prettier it would look like when the leaves are back and the sun is out!