28 April 2013

Traversing the Ardennes: Old Town Luxembourg

We began this trip in Luxembourg. After spending the whole day at work, I then quickly went home, and then grabbed my luggage which I packed the day before, and headed to the airport. I arrived in Luxembourg a little around 11:00 PM, headed to our hotel, and just crashed. The next day, adventures began.

The weather was very cooperative; it was not that cold, it was rather warm for early Spring. There were plenty of things to see, and so we spent the whole day walking here and there, checking out the city.

What you see above are pictures of Pont Adolphe as well as Place de Clairefontaine. We were not staying in the Old Town, but just a few minutes south of it, so we walked and crossed this rather beautiful bridge to get into the Old Town.

One thing we immediately noticed was how clean the place is. Well, I live in Berlin, which is a very grungy and gritty city. So Luxembourg is definitely very clean. I didn't see any litter, and things were just very orderly. You can see this by looking at the pictures I have above, of the National Justice Complex.

The series of pictures I have above are taken from the Cathedrale Notre-Dame. It was rather quiet and majestic inside. There were plenty of interesting stained glass panels.

This building is the Royal Palace. There is a guard marching in front of it continually. And one oddity we found in Luxembourg is that you can get postcards that depict pictures of the royal family. So if you have a crush at the handsome Prince, you can get his postcard!

Plenty of streets in Luxembourg's Old Town are narrow and cobble-stoned. The above photos show some of them, in daylight as well as at night.

Here are just some more samples of photos I took. I especially like the skyline view of the city: as you can see, the Old Town is the result of buildings that were built inside an old Roman fortress: the Old Town is in essence a walled city, with a corniche encircling it. My next travel post would talk more about this corniche.

And finally, some more night shots. I don't have the best camera to take night shots, nor a tripod for that matter, so bear with me. We walked all day long, and by the time night happened, we were very tired, and so after a filling dinner, we crashed in bed.


  1. I see you take flights after work too! There were instances I even brought my bag to work and saw these jealous looks from co-workers :)

    Now you mentioned Luxembourg is clean compared to Berlin. I hope that doesn't make New York look like a huge dump :)

    1. TNP,

      Haha, no. New York is like Berlin, I think. Big, and sometimes too big to be always clean. If you know what I mean. It's not like the waste disposal sector is overwhelmed by the garbage (unlike Manila), they are managing it, but there's always something to clean, so to speak. Luxembourg gives off the feeling that there are more street cleaners than litter.