20 May 2013

No Pictures!

So, this is an entry that is not about a travel I have recently done. That usually means there's something in here, but now there isn't. Yup, you got it. There isn't a picture at the end of the post. Why?

Well, I noticed that the last time I published pictures that are located at the end of the post, the pictures were taken back in 2008. Yes, those pictures taken in Cleveland, Ohio? Those were taken during the summer of 2008. I initially thought that I would be able to write articles and then post a picture per article in this blog. I initially thought that would be the way I would display my travel photos. However, that turned out to be a bad idea.

Well, it was a good idea back then, however, either I took more pictures or I traveled more, that soon enough, I realized that if I keep doing that, there would be a huge backlog. Heck, there was a huge backlog. It's 2013 and I am only finishing the photos I took from 2008! That is a backlog of 5 years.

Over time, my blogging habits evolved. I started posting multiple pictures of travel articles. I think I started that in 2011, from my trip to Mexico City. I guess that was the start of proper trip articles for my blog. The trips before that were very poorly covered in my opinion. Before Mexico, my travels were poorly reported, but gradually I learned and found the style I eventually liked.

So what does this mean? Well, unfortunately, I won't be showing my photos I took from Hungary and Denmark in 2008, as well as the various other places I have visited since then until 2011. Of course, I have all of these in publicly-accessible Facebook albums. And so as to make things easier, I have actually created a page where links to these albums are indexed by country name. If you are interested in seeing those pictures, then just head over there.

Otherwise, I'll limit posting pictures from now on to entries that actually talk about the place I have visited. I have so many pictures I have several CDs burned containing them, in addition to them being saved in an external hard drive.

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