01 July 2013

Year 9

Wow, I am starting my 9th year of blogging!

Sometimes it amazes me that I've been doing this for 8 years now. I don't have a wide readership, I don't make money out of this blog, yet still I feel compelled to write. So now, this blog is now known as Memoirs of a Traveling Linguist: Year 9!

You may have noticed slight changes here. The title changed a little bit, for example. That is because during the past couple of years, I have slowly moved away from the personal diary model and on to the travelogue model. I still write about the occasional rant every now and then, yet the primary focus of this blog is now on my travelogues and my travel pictures. I have reduced the blogging frequency, so I only publish once every other day (it used to be twice every three days, and before that, there was a time when I published every day of the month). I guess the purpose of this blog, at least for me, has been evolving.

I've said this before, but it started as a blog to document my ups and downs during graduate school. In fact, the URL reflects that: I was a half-baked linguist while I was in graduate school, waiting to be a fully-baked linguist. I don't feel like changing my URL, so that stays. After all, I am still waiting for many things, mostly for modes of transportation.

I usually write a year-end review as the last entry of the year, so I won't cover much here, but during my 8th year of blogging, I moved the blog from Buffalo to Berlin. That's perhaps the largest announcement of the year for this blog. I've also visited 8 new countries (Poland, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, and Switzerland). And there are many other things that have happened, but for the most part, Year 8 was a great year for this blog. Here's hoping that Year 9 is another good year. No big moves are anticipated, but who knows.

So there. Onwards to Year 9. I hope you'll still hang around.


  1. Congrats on beginning your 9th year of blogging, Jeruen! Great that you've kept it up so long!

    Buffalo to Berlin is a great move. And you've visited 8 new countries during your 8th year of blogging? Very cool. I like the 8s there...

    Happy blogoversary and here's to many more years of blogging and travel! :)

    1. Lisa,

      Thanks! I myself cannot believe that I've been writing on this online diary for 8 years already! As you pointed out, if there is a pattern there, then I better visit 9 new countries this upcoming year. I am not sure whether I can pull that off. Maybe I should take a cruise in the Caribbean... :-P

  2. Hey Jeruen, congratulations! This is a big milestone for your blog especially since you're one of the few I know who not only writes well but writes prolifically - I truly am amazed at your talent and time for this.

    I do have noticed the travel-centric changes which is really good. Living in Europe has given you loads of opportunities to wander which makes your blog ripe indeed for even more travel stories!

    Cheers to more years of wonderful writing and traveling.

    1. Dennis,

      Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! Believe it or not, blogging just started as a hobby for me, a desire to put thoughts into words, so that I can look at them later if I wanted to. It used to be the case that I'd want to put rants into words, but now, it's just the memories of the places I have been.

      I am glad I've met you last year; who knows, our travel paths might cross again sometime!