04 August 2013

Cavorting in Catalonia: Esglesia de Sant Pere

I went to Figueres to visit the Dali Museum. However, aside from the famous cultural establishment, there are other places that one can see in town, such as this Gothic church, right next to the museum. I decided to check it out, and unsurprisingly, the church doesn't see a lot of visitors, compared to its more well-known neighbor.

This is a Gothic church, which means it features a lot of huge pillars and voluminous arches. Things are quite cavernous inside, and the concrete arches are definitely huge. I decided to go inside and get some time away from the sun, planning what I wanted to do next. After a few moments, I decided to wander around and check out this church. There's nothing very special about it, except for the fact that it is very quiet, which provides a very striking contrast to the famous Dali Museum.

As you can see, the church conveys a sense of grandiose, but not elaborate, rich, and pompous presence. Instead of being impressed with treasures, I guess people will feel the stark and cold atmosphere due to the rocks. Oh well, I suppose religious buildings come in different flavors.

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