12 August 2013

Cavorting in Catalonia: Parc Güell

The day after doing a daytrip to Figueres, I explored parts of Barcelona again. This city is awesome; there are just so many things to see, that 4 nights is not enough. There were huge swaths of neighborhoods that I didn't even touch. Anyway, for that day, I headed up north from the center. After mailing my postcards at the post office, I took the metro to head to the famous Parc Güell. This is known for being another one of Gaudi's masterpieces, so thousands of people flock here to see it.

I arrived around 9:45, and I thought that was early enough to beat the crowds. Unfortunately, that was not the case. There were so many people already. It was hard to take a photo of the glorious nooks and crannies that this park is famous for without finding someone else in my viewfinder. Urgh, that was frustrating, but I was also patient. I had the whole day, so basically I just waited and waited until there was nobody there, and click!

These are some of the photos that I took facing the ocean. The park is situated on top of a hill; this means getting here is a little bit of a hike. Good thing there's escalators on this one side street, which reduces the climb significantly. There were so many people, tourists from everywhere, wanting a piece of the photo, so I had a hard time taking pictures here. Anyway, moving on.

One thing I really liked about this park is that it has multiple levels. I don't know if you can notice it in the set of pictures above, but these pillars that are angled actually support some sort of walkway above it. In some instances, there are multiple levels supporting another one. And the corners and hidden dark areas beneath these pillars just make the perfect make-out location. They all just look like rocks piled on top of each other, but they are actually designed with immense precision. After all, if something wrong happens, the level above will collapse.

The set of pictures above show another one of these multi-level walkways. I prefer walking underneath than above, for dramatic reasons. This is also where buskers hang out and perform. Some are interesting, some have talent, others are just annoying. And yes, there are also these illegal souvenir vendors. They have ways in which they can run in less than ten seconds before a policeman catches them. They display their wares on top of a blanket, and when a policeman comes (there is someone watching to warn them if there is one), they will just lift that whole blanket and run away. Most are from South Asia (I couldn't tell if they were Indian or Pakistani or Nepali or Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi). It's funny and sad at the same time watching them play a game of cat and mouse with the police.

Finally, there is an open space full of Greek pillars, this is underneath the elevated plaza where plenty of people take that overview photo. When I was there, there was an impromptu concert by an a capella group; it was quite interesting. In front of this area is the lizard, which I think is the most photographed installation of this park. I didn't get a chance to photograph it myself, as there were plenty of people getting their photos next to it, and I just didn't have enough patience to wait. Anyway, tiles are featured heavily here, as evidenced by the other photo above. I guess Gaudi had a tile obsession.

So, I do recommend visiting this place whenever you are in Barcelona. It's a great place to stroll, and if you're with your significant other, or with someone hot, it's also a great place to make out.


  1. Gaudi's genius is just mesmerizing. I'm not surprised why many other visitors like you would like to get ahead of the pack early in the day only to find everyone is already there haha!

    At least you had the luxury of time to spend a whole day and minimize chances of anyone photobombing your pics :)

    1. TNP,

      So that's a term now? Photobombing? I've heard of it before, but only understood its meaning when you used it now. But yes, I guess I am not the only one wanting to take a clean picture.

  2. I really want to discover Spain now!

    1. Zhu,

      Oh it's beautiful. And I have only visited Barcelona. I could only imagine the other parts of the country!