27 September 2013

Catching Up with Technology

So I got myself a new phone. The reason for this was because my old phone started having technical problems already, and I figured it was old enough to buy a new one. So now that I got it, I started tinkering with it, and now I think I like it. I got myself a Nokia Lumia 520 (yes, I still am loyal to Nokia) and I seem to be enjoying it.

See, it has been three years since I last had a new phone. Given that I have had 4 different phones for the past 12 years, that puts it to an average of 3 years per phone, so I expect this current one to last 3 years as well.

This is the first phone I have where there is a constant data connection. Sure, my previous phone (the Nokia 5530 Smartmusic) was also a smartphone, but my sister said that it wasn't a real smartphone. Sure, it can connect to the Internet and have a data connection, but I really didn't use it with data.

So what changed? Why am I using my new phone with data? I still have the same prepaid system; I don't have a phone contract, as somehow I am averse to the idea. But unlike before, there are now apps (like WhatsApp) that allow me to communicate cheaper with data than with texts. Since I have a prepaid system, every time I send a text message, it costs me a few cents. But, with data, even with a prepaid system, I pay by the day. Basically, for every day that I access data, I pay 0.99 EUR. If I don't use data that day, then I don't pay. So if I just use WhatsApp to text people, then instead of paying it per text I send, I only pay one price per day. And what's better is that it makes texting overseas easier, so my sister is definitely very happy with this development.

There, I said it. I now have a smartphone that my sister does consider smart. That being said, I still do not envision myself to be always connected. I still love my downtime, after all.


  1. I mostly use my BlackBerry for emails and I love it for that. I can reply to clients on-the-go (which is a big thing in my field, you have to accept assignments as fast as you can!) and follow up. I rarely use it as a phone, except for quick conversations with clients and Feng. I am not a phone person at all, I do everything by email!

    1. Zhu,

      Yeah, I actually just signed up for a data plan; 9,99 EUR per month for unlimited access. That's cheaper than paying every time every day. As you said, things are more data oriented nowadays. I don't use my phone for email; I do check my email through my phone, but usually respond using my laptop still. However, the other uses, like WhatsApp, Maps, and so forth, are all data-based.