10 December 2013

Cavorting in the Caucasus: Georgian Cuisine

During my stay in Georgia, I ate plenty of Georgian food. It was perhaps one of the most interesting cuisines, to the point that when I went back to Berlin, I searched for Georgian restaurants (fortunately, we have two). I have to thank the geography for this: because Georgia is surrounded by mountain ranges, the cuisine of the people inhabiting this area became very unique, as outside influences are hard to come by. And so I decided to make good use of my situation and try Georgian cuisine. One of the most enjoyable ways of doing this is by doing a homestay with a local family. I did this several times, when I was in the rural areas of the country.

This was one of my meals there. And yes, all these was for me. And of course, I couldn't finish everything. I find that Georgian cuisine is not too heavy on the meat. They do know how to work their vegetables as well. There's always a simple tomato and cucumber salad, and there is always a vegetable dish, and meat, in this case, skewered pork. Bread and cheese feature all the time. The bread is simple, and the cheese is also homemade most of the time. It tastes a little sour and salty, but coupled with warm bread, it is really good.

This was another meal I had. This meal featured some vegetable and ground meat soup. It was very tasty. Georgian cuisine tends to be spicy and full of flavor, but not hot. So it doesn't really burn your mouth, like Indian cuisine, but there are still plenty of things going on in there. As usual, bread and cheese can be found on the table.

And finally, this was a meal I had in another host family. This time, this was our lunch during a group tour during a daytrip to various sights across the country. I loved the vegetable dishes they had, especially the way they prepare eggplant. It always amazes me how well they prepare these vegetables. The meat preparation actually becomes so ordinary as a result. If I were to go back being a vegetarian, then I'd totally do it through Georgian cuisine!

And yes, my one regret is not buying a Georgian cuisine cookbook while I was there.


  1. Ah, I was wondering if you were going to talk about food! That and churches seem to be topics we have in common ;-)

    Looks very good and fresh. I could see myself enjoying it!

    1. Zhu,

      It was indeed very good. Very good enough that I go to the Georgian restaurant here in Berlin every now and then simply because I miss the cuisine. :)