14 December 2013

Cavorting in the Caucasus: The Georgian Military Highway

Oh, how I loved being high up in the mountains. Hence, my trip to Kazbegi through the Georgian Military Highway was definitely one of the highlights of my visit to Georgia. It had everything I wanted: awesome scenery, hiking opportunities, a little sense of danger and adventure, and a language barrier. All of those made this trip quite memorable. I already blogged about hiking all the way to Gergeti Trinity Church before, and this time, I am blogging about the scenery I have encountered on the way.

When I went to Kazbegi, I was in a cab on my own, and the trip took two hours. Coming down heading back to Tbilisi, I shared a cab with two fellow travelers, an Israeli couple. We asked the cab driver to stop at a few spots along the way, as we wanted to take a few photos of the awesome scenery that was passing right by.

Oh how I love the Caucasus. It was so green, and tall. It gave me goosebumps as I was gazing at the distance. This was a very different mountain range for me, my previous experiences with mountains weren't this green. When I was in the Andes Mountains in both Ecuador and Peru, it was more brown and dry. This was different, green, lush, and very foggy. I almost didn't want to go back to the car, content with traipsing along the trails, drinking vodka (yes, what else?) while eating warm bread and cheese.

Oh I want to go back. I want to head back to Georgia, even if they gave me a hard time entering the country, even if I don't understand the language at all, even if it was perhaps the hardest destination I have experienced so far. Georgia is just magical, and I have just scratched the surface.


  1. Indeed, I am surprise by how lush it is!

    1. Zhu,

      Me too, and come to think of it, I visited in August, right in the middle of summer!