22 December 2013

Cavorting in the Caucasus: The National Gallery of Georgia

When I got back to Tbilisi, I figured it was time to go sight-seeing in the city this time. Hence, one of the things I decided to visit was the National Gallery. This museum was located in Rustaveli Avenue, which is one of the main thoroughfares of the city. Somehow, I found their art similar to their cuisine: since Georgia is geographically segregated from its closest neighbors, it seems that the artwork developed in the country also had a different flavor to it.

Anyway, I don't know enough about art to talk much about it. But here are pictures. You will see that the texture and contour of the artwork seem to have a unifying factor in it: a little brute, a little blunt, and there seems to be a common trait but I just cannot put my finger to it and so I cannot explain what it is exactly.

There you go, a sampling of the artwork in Georgia. It isn't my most favorite, but it somehow definitely gives an ethnic feel to it. Some of them remind me of the art of Egon Schiele and other Austrian artists, but seriously, this is just me talking out loud, as I really am no art critic.

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