28 December 2013

Real Poses

The other day, my friend invited me to join her in attending a contemporary dance performance. She is a contemporary dancer herself, and so it was interesting to see what her world looks like, for a change. So I headed over with her to Uferstudios last November to attend a performance of Real Poses, by Canan Erek.

I don't recall when the last time I've seen a dance performance before. I recall seeing a couple of performances in New York City, but I guess they didn't give a lasting impression on me, or else I would have blogged about it (or I just cannot use my blog search function properly). I did see Pilobolus about 5 years ago. I thought that was interesting. Anyway, I am glad I went to this performance as well, because it really is different from what we are used to seeing most of the time.

Real Poses is about body language. This is a duet performance, performed by María de Dueñas López and Virág Arany. This perhaps is more a performance art than dance, because together with movement, language also plays a role. These two dancers (Spanish and Hungarian) confront themselves in various situations where the body language is perhaps the most prominent element in their conversations. I loved every one of these situations. There was the situation where they shook hands, there was the situation where they acted like two foreigners in Germany with a bad command of German, and so their Spanish and Hungarian took over, there was the situation where they were fighting (in Spanish and Hungarian of course, and neither understands the other person's language), and perhaps the situation I liked the most was the one where they constantly repeated "I go to the floor. I stand up."

Overall, I think this performance made me aware of the various capabilities the human body has when it comes to movement, and I also became aware of how we are not using our body to the full. When we're just sitting in the office facing a computer monitor day in and day out, our body is just stationary, yet it can do more than that. I am glad to have seen this to realize this fact.

I don't watch dance performances often, but I guess I need to change that and take part in more of what Berlin has to offer.

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