23 January 2014

Baden-Württemberg Weekend: Reutlingen

The last entry I am making for this Baden-Württemberg Weekend is about Reutlingen. Reutlingen is the city where I actually stayed, as a friend lives there. When I visited for a long weekend, this was my base. And sure enough, there are things to see in this city.

As most medieval cities in Germany go, there is an Old Town. The Old Town can vary in its state of preservation. Some Old Towns are actually very medieval, while some are just reconstructions because they have been destroyed in the war. For Reutlingen, I am not really sure how original the buildings are, but for some reason, they don't have the same charm as Tübingen for example. That being said, there are still old structures, like the wall and towers that you can see above.

Reutlingen is also known to have the narrowest street in the world. I actually went through it, and I had to walk sideways, because it was just very narrow. You can see it in my pictures above, together with pictures of the church.

Reutlingen somehow has plenty of fountains around the city. The photos above show some of them, as well as details of one of them. This fountain shows the various occupations that people did back in the days, and so it is represented by statues that are attached around this fountain.

There are self-guided walks that pass through the Old Town. The pictures above are some of the shots I took while I did it myself. I entered the courtyard of old buildings and gardens, and saw old structures and implements. Reutlingen is a small city, but outside the old town, there's a wide sprawling new area of the city, where most people actually live.

So, this ends the series of posts for my Baden-Württemberg Weekend; my next travelogue will be about something else with pictures taken from somewhere else. Stay tuned!

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