13 January 2014

Curing my Itchy Feet

Recently, I realized that it has been a while since I last went out of town. I know that this post is scheduled to go online in January, and yes, by the time it gets online, I will have returned from two trips: one is close by, within Germany. The other is a little bit farther away, in a different country. Yes, I will blog about both of those trips. Given my blogging schedule, I have a little bit of a delay with what I post. Seeing as I have just finished posting my Georgia and Armenia travelogues, it will take a little while. However, I also had several weeks where I just stayed here in Berlin, so things will catch up hopefully. In fact, that is the topic of this entry, which is none other than my itchy feet.

See, I looked into the calendar back in October. During the first week of October, I realized that my last long vacation was sometime in August (that was Georgia and Armenia), and my last long weekend was in September (when I went to southern Germany as I was visiting a friend; that will be my next blog entries), and my last out-of-town trip was in the last week of September (when I was in western Germany for an overnight trip to attend a workshop and give a talk). So I figured that planning another vacation in January wouldn't hurt. I still had enough miles in United Airlines for a round-trip within-Europe ticket, so that's what I did. I am escaping the winter for a few days in January. I won't say where yet, but you'll hear about it eventually.

And then last week (third week of November, as I am writing this post almost 2 months in advance), I realized that if I wait until I take that trip to go out of town, it would have been more than three months since I last went out of town. I figured that cannot be. So I decided to explore a city that is close to where I am. I bought a train ticket, and will be there for 3 days. This happens in December. So, that means I won't be brewing in Berlin for 3 whole months without going out of town.

In both of these trips, I am planning to couchsurf. As I am writing this, I already found a host for the December trip; someone is hosting me for 2 nights. And I also found a host for part of my January trip, someone is hosting me for 3 nights, but I still need to find a host for the remaining 5 nights. I will try to find one a week after, and see how it goes.

Anyway, this made me realize that I do have itchy feet. I cannot be in one place for a long time. As much as Berlin is a very awesome city, I need to get away every now and then.

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