02 February 2014

Growing my Travel Altar

I realize that I don't have a steady rate of travel. There are months that pass that I don't go anywhere, and then there are times in which I have something planned every month. 2013 was like that.

In 2013, I had a trip in January (southern Germany), February (the Netherlands), March (Luxembourg and Belgium), April (Bulgaria), May (Spain), June (western Germany), August (Armenia and Georgia), September (Belgium and western Germany), and December (northern Germany). Of these, several were work-related trips. I also realized that I took a lot of vacations, though come to think of it, I still had enough vacation days that rolled over into the new year. Most of my vacations were long weekends (Bulgaria, Spain, and northern Germany were like that), so I took minimal vacation days off.

Anyway, for 2014, I just got back from a vacation last month (January). I will blog about it soon, of course. And I am also doing a large trip this coming March, visiting 3 countries, and 2 of them would be new for my list. So that means I would have a couple of new guidebooks sitting on my shelf soon. Hence, my travel altar will be growing yet again.

I am teaching a class during the Summer Semester, hence I won't be able to travel for fun between mid-April and mid-July. There might be work-related travel in there, but there won't be any vacations, as I need to be in Berlin to teach a class in a university. But after that, I might have another trip. We'll see. Anyway, the important thing is that my country count is increasing, and that is the good thing.

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