20 March 2014

Sashaying along the Strela Sound: Deutsche Meeresmuseum

If you are that close to the ocean, then one of the things that you probably would have as a city is a resource dealing with the ocean. So when I went to Stralsund, I didn't leave without visiting the German Maritime Museum, or Deutsche Meeresmuseum. This is the most visited museum in northern Germany, and is located in a former church. One of the most notable facts about this museum is that this was a rather swanky aquarium, built during the GDR era.

I won't be mentioning a lot of things in this post, as this museum was more a visual experience, which is something to write about. I learned a lot about the Baltic Sea, as well as the animals and plants that live in this area. I took plenty of photos, of which I am showing a selection here. I personally like aquariums more than zoos, and I would totally enjoy this place, especially if I were a little kid.

So there, I have seen plenty of fish and other interesting animals. Definitely pay this place a visit if you are in the area. In my opinion, it is a very good re-utilization of space, transforming an old church into something that is more important and meaningful.


  1. The bears look so cuddly... I know, I know, they are not. But they will always look like big "Winnie" to me. Aquariums are great places to explore, I wish we had one in Ottawa.

    1. Zhu,

      True. Not that I always visit them whenever I am near one, but every time I do, I enjoy them. I especially loved the New England Aquarium in Boston, so visit that if you get the chance.