24 March 2014

Sashaying along the Strela Sound: Stralsund's Marienkirche

While I was in Stralsund, I visited two churches. This is the second one. This is a notable church because it is rather tall. In fact, it was the tallest church in the world between 1549 and 1647. Needless to say, when I visited, I opted to climb the tower, which was a lot of steps! The view above was fabulous, however, and so I was glad to do it.

The steps were concrete and wood. Some of the passages were narrow. But the tower above provides spectacular views of the area. It was a little windy, and in fact, there is an alarm that is installed. If one hears it, one is asked to go down as fast as one can.

This is the interior of the church. It's not the most exciting when it comes to the interior, so I preferred the climbing experience over the interior appreciating experience. That being said, if you ever find yourself in Stralsund, then this is an interesting place to visit. Entrance is free, compared to the other church in town.

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