25 April 2014

Meandering in Malta: The Azure Window

On my third day in Gozo, I headed out to the western side of the island. I bought a day ticket, so I was able to utilize the bus networks rather well, even though this still meant walking large swaths of land. But the island was very walkable, so I didn't mind it at all.

For example, I wanted to go to the Azure Window. However, the bus that goes there only goes every hour, and I just missed it. So I looked at the map, and saw that there was another bus that goes nearby, but it meant I needed to walk about a kilometer towards the Azure Window. So that's what I did. Thankfully, I downloaded maps into my phone, and so I saw where I was heading.

The Azure Window is this geological formation right at the shore of Malta. It is very picturesque; picturesque enough for it to be featured on almost every piece of Maltese tourism brochure. And yes, I decided to go, because after all, I love spectacular views. When I went there, I surely didn't regret going and walking the couple of kilometers from the nearest bus stop. It was just spectacular seeing the waves crash against it.

But first, I visited the Dwejra Tower, which is nearby. My couchsurfing host actually was the one managing this place, so when I went there, I saw him again. It is part of a system of defenses that have been constructed in order to watch for seafaring invaders. It was small, but affords beautiful views. I could see the whole area.

After visiting the Dwejra Tower, I went closer to the Azure Window. The above photos show you how amazing the scenery looks like. It is very much breath-taking, and if I were a diver, I would totally love frolicking in the water here. I totally recommend this area to visitors, so if you are in Gozo, try to visit this place if you can. It is totally worth it.


  1. Love the new look and tagline!

    It's nice exploring with you. BTW, what camera do you use these days?

    1. Zhu,

      Thanks! I use a Sony DSC-H55, a bridge camera. I bought it in 2011, and expect it to last until 2016. After that, I might buy something more swanky. :-)