13 April 2014

Meandering in Malta: Ta' Kola Windmill

After visiting the Ġgantija Temple, I headed here. The nice thing about Malta's archaeological and historical sites is that they are all part of one unified ticketing system. So I bought a Heritage Pass, which allowed me to see several sites across the country for a discounted price. This one was the second thing I saw in the country.

The Ta' Kola Windmill is located in the village of Xagħra, which is the first town I stayed in. This windmill is one of the few surviving original windmills in the country. It consists of two levels, both of which visitors can visit.

The pictures I have above were all taken from the lower level, which is the working area. A miller doesn't just make the windmill spin. He is a carpenter, a blacksmith, everything that is needed to maintain the windmill. You can see the multitudes of instruments that are on display, from cutting wood, to maintaining fire, to sharpening objects, and so forth. Being a miller is definitely a full-time job.

The upper level is the living area. This is where the family cooks, eats, and sleeps. I saw several of their furniture, as well as the kitchen utensils. It is very rustic, and while I enjoyed visiting, I don't think I'd enjoy living here. I still like my modern amenities. That being said, the kitchen had an electronic information booth which allowed me to get some interesting Maltese recipes!

There, this was my visit to the authentic windmill in Gozo. Stay tuned for more pictures and more travelogues from my visit to Malta and Gozo.


  1. The language sounds pretty interesting (i.e. the name of the places). I wonder about the pronunciation...

    1. Zhu,

      Ah yes. Maltese is actually the only EU language that is not Indo-European nor Uralic. In fact, it's closest neighbors are Arabic!