26 June 2014

First Steps to Choreography

Last month, my friend the contemporary dancer invited me to watch a recital of the students in her program. She was one of the people who were performing that night, whose program consisted of plenty of solos as well as duos and trios. It was a long program, and I personally couldn't make it until the end: I only stayed until the second pause. That meant that I was able to view all the solos and duos and trios, but I wasn't able to see the two group performances that featured more than three people.

Anyway, I enjoyed the night, overall. There were some pieces that I thought were blah, but otherwise, most of them were thought-provoking and fun to watch. In fact, the program already started even before they let us in the auditorium. There was a girl twirling a hoolahoop around her body near the entrance to the building. Apparently, that was already a performance. I thought she was just practicing.

There were some memorable performances, in my opinion. I liked the Sahne im Kakao, performed by Julia Zeeb. She used a garden chair to vent out a tirade of neurotic expressions. I also liked Deck, which was performed by five people, portraying five different archetypal characters. And what I liked the most was Life in the Out Skirts, performed by three people, all wearing skirts. It was very fun to watch.

I didn't like the performances that broke the fourth wall. There was the two of us, which I didn't understand. They were conversing with the audience, and I didn't know if that was part of the dance or not. They were asking the audience to make a suggestion with regards what they should do on stage, and yet when someone suggested something, they didn't do it. Also, there was the Boeing 737-800 AB8308, which was a piece about fear of flying. But instead of being a dance/performance art piece, it felt like it was just a comedy piece.

Anyway, overall I still enjoyed the evening, although it was very long and I wasn't able to stay for the whole night. I recommend watching productions in this studio, if you want something different.

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