14 July 2014

Berlin Boogie: The Berggruen Museum

One fine day back in February, we went to the Museum Berggruen. This museum is located in Charlottenburg, in front of the Charlottenburg Palace. This museum consists of modern art pieces that were previously collected by Heinz Berggruen, which he in turn bequeathed to the city, which happens to be his native town. Hence, it is now part of the collection of the National Gallery of Berlin. The collection's forte is on classical modern art pieces, centering much on Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Braque, and Paul Klee.

We went here for one afternoon, and the ticket also allows you to enter the other museum located across the street, the Scharf-Gestenberg Collection. I will blog about that later, but for the moment, I will show you pictures of the artwork which I have seen.

As you can see, there are plenty of modern paintings here, a lot of flat faces (Picasso's trademark), and so on. In fact, I learned a lot about Picasso during this visit, because the exhibits really center on his life and career. He isn't my most favorite artist, but I have learned to get an appreciation for him through this exhibit.

I recommend visiting this place if you are an art fan. Otherwise, this is perhaps not your most famous museum here in Berlin. Perhaps only the ones who are interested in modern art will fully appreciate this gallery.

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