24 July 2014

The Quirky Things in Vienna

Since I already have been to Vienna 9 years ago (Vienna was actually the city in Europe that I visited for the very first time), I didn't do much exploration. That, as well as the fact that we didn't really have a lot of time. So during our last day, we just strolled quite a bit in the city, following the recommended walks given by our maps. And in these walks, I didn't really take lots of pictures, but I did whenever I saw something that was weird or quirky.

I saw this weird statue of a man on a roof. I wonder what this was all about. And a few meters from that, I saw this wall, which is apparently an authorized graffiti area.

Mozart is everywhere here, even in the public toilets, you can hear Mozart and enjoy his opera while releasing your urine. After that, you can go to a cafe and enjoy some Mozart cake and coffee, which will then make you go back to the Mozart toilet again, so that you can enjoy his operas one more time.

Viennese also like weird things to buy, from weird hats and head accessories, to a weirdly gorgeous chocolate bomb cake.

They also have weird ideas when it comes to fashion.

And they also use weird things to display their wares. I wasn't even sure if this was a toy shop, or just little miniatures exhibiting how their wares can be used. In any case, I was a little bit disturbed at the family on the left side, because seriously, I would not dress my child like that, if I were a parent.

They definitely love to commemorate every house that Mozart lived. And they also surround anthropomorphic toys with baked goods.

While in Vienna, I also enjoyed listening and reading to erotica written in Esperanto. This was in the Esperanto museum. And for some reason, I also liked to take a picture of a series of flower pots installed on a wall.

I found an insurance company illustrating the various accidents that one can be insured for, using teddy bears.

And finally, I saw a vending machine that sells iPhone cases, and next to it, was a dog that had a hat made of macarons.

Oh well, that was Vienna. It was weird, and our visit was short. This just means one thing, that the next series of travelogues will feature a different destination. Stay tuned!

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