17 August 2014

Cavorting with the Companion: Città di San Marino

On our day trip to San Marino, we visited the Palazzo Pubblico, but aside from that, all we did was stroll around the old town of the capital, as well as eat food on the street. It was a small city, so there wasn't a lot to see and visit. There were other museums that we could have entered, but we opted to just enter one museum and spend the rest of our time walking all over the place.

San Marino is very hilly, and the capital sits on Monte Titano. As you can see on the pictures above, there are plenty of vertical differences here, with houses built on the slopes, thus creating the possibility of having these balconies where you can sit down and take a peak below, towards the fields beyond and below you.

Things are also narrow here. Most buildings are built right next to each other. It creates this weird and interesting feeling of being in the center of a very crowded city, but when you turn a corner, you'll realize that you're on top of a mountain and there is no crowded feeling at all.

Here are some more pictures depicting the expanse of the area, dropping down to the fields below the mountain. San Marino has plenty of these plazas that have protective walls, because the plazas are built right next to cliffs and steep drop-offs.

The two photos above are examples of narrow pedestrian streets that are common in the city.

This is the main cathedral. The inside isn't as spectacular as other churches I have visited, however. In fact, what I found more spectacular was the view one can see from the terrace garden that is close by, just behind the church. I took the two photos above from this area.

Finally, here's a photo of the city wall, as well as a surrounding neighborhood. There's plenty of pedestrian streets definitely. If you ever visit San Marino, just park your car at a parking lot near the entrance, because you really cannot drive it inside.

So there, this was my 35th country to visit. It was interesting, and small. It's very picturesque, but I am not sure I'd want to live here, as I prefer the urban life after all.


  1. Like you, I need to live in urban areas. I love to see what smaller places have to offer, though, and I often wonder how life is when you know everyone!

    1. Zhu,

      I have a feeling I wouldn't like it when everyone knows everyone. Every person's activities are just scrutinized, and there's no anonymity nor privacy at all!