05 August 2014

Cavorting with the Companion: Museo della Storia di Bologna

When we were in Bologna, we didn't see a lot of museums. Instead, we walked a lot and explored the town. And we ate. However, we did see one museum, which was the Museo della Storia di Bologna, or the Museum of the Story of Bologna. This is basically the city's historical museum, and was filled with several historical, cultural, and artistic artifacts, all relating to the history and culture of Bologna.

The museum first began with the historical aspect. The entrance of the museum displayed large old maps of Bologna. One of them is given in a picture above, as a detail. Little did I know, Bologna was first settled by the Etruscans, and later on, it was an important intersection in the road that was built bisecting the Italian peninsula.

A huge part of the exhibit is devoted to the artwork that flourished in the city. It is not like Florence, but it still has produced a large body of work. More importantly, however, was the fact that Bologna was a center of the sciences and medicine during the early days, and there were plenty of discoveries by scientists who were residing in this city.

The latter part of the exhibit was about the modern and pre-modern period of the city. Several artifacts tracing back to the turn of the previous century are there, and so there are plenty of things that were nice to look at.

Overall, I loved this museum because I got to learn a lot about the history of a city I was visiting. I recommend this to anyone who is in the area. I definitely had a lot of new things I learned after my visit!


  1. I didn't know about the scientific aspect of the city. I tend to forget that Italy isn't just about visual arts!

    1. Zhu,

      Yep, after all, the Renaissance started in Italy, as some would claim!