18 September 2014

Cavorting with the Companion: Fiesole Area Archaeologica

While we were in Florence, we also took daytrips to explore the surrounding areas. One such area we went to was Fiesole, just a short bus ride from the centre of Florence. Located in one of the hills surrounding the city, Fiesole is known for its archaeological area, filled with plenty of Etruscan artifacts.

The pictures above depict the exterior areas of the archaeological zone. There is a well-restored Roman theatre, as well as the facade of the temple, currently housing the museum filled with Etruscan and Roman artifacts. There were also remains of Roman baths, complete with arches and depressions. When we visited, we were there relatively early, so the busloads of tourists were still not crowding the area, and it was nice to escape the chaos of Florence for the morning.

The museum, though it might seem small from the outside, is full of archaeological treasures. There were plenty of restored pots and pans, statues and other artifacts. We spent a couple of hours perusing the exhibits. I am not a historical junkie, but nevertheless we enjoyed our visit here.

I recommend this place; it is a great place to visit if you want to escape the chaotic nature of Florence for a bit. It feels so off-the-beaten-path even though it is just a twenty-minute ride away from Florence. And if these pictures haven't convinced you yet, there is a wonderful Italian restaurant near the bus station, where we had lunch, while enjoying a view overlooking the city!

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