20 September 2014

Left Behind in Search of an Adventure

During the past weekend, we had a guest at home. He was a couchsurfer, and he stayed with us for three nights. When he was here, it was fun, and we definitely enjoyed each other's company. However, when he left, it was a little depressing. It felt like I was left behind.

It was really a bizarre feeling. I suppose it was because our couchsurfer was in the middle of a year-long travel. He started traveling in November of last year, and so he was on the road for quite a while. And Berlin was one of the plenty of cities that he was stopping by, while he is in Europe. He was with us from Friday night, and when he left on Monday, he was on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Saint Petersburg.

I suppose because I have been longing for an adventure, as it has been a while already. Sure, I've been traveling quite a bit this year, at least once a month since June, but these aren't adventures. I was in Pisa in June; in Amsterdam in July; in Buffalo in August; and now in Boston and New York City in September. These aren't adventures. Before this series of trips, I was in Tuscany and London in March. And I was in Malta in January. These were vacations, but they weren't adventures either. Come to think of it, perhaps the last time I had an adventure was when I was in Armenia and Georgia, more than a year ago. That was an adventure. And I feel like I need another one of those. So when I meet people on their way to adventures, I feel left behind.

I suppose the only way to fix this is to make my own adventure. So I suppose that's what I am going to do exactly.


  1. Hey! Don't feel left behind... adventures may appear when you least expect them :) Greeting Violeta

    1. Violeta,

      I know! I am therefore making my own adventure in the near future!