20 October 2014

Cavorting with the Companion: British Museum

London is filled with world-class museums. I should say that even though I didn't have a good feeling about London in general, I still enjoyed my stay because of the museums that we visited. We visited the Tate Modern, and after that, we also visited the British Museum. And perhaps the more awesome thing is that visits to the Permanent Collection are free!

The museum is huge, and it would take you several hours to see everything. So the key is to NOT see everything. I had a guidebook that suggested some highlights, so instead of going to all the rooms to see every cabinet and exhibit, we just selected a few rooms, and admired things selectively.

Of the things that we saw, we saw the Rosetta Stone, which was great. I also liked the Persian winged horses, as well as the Elgin Marbles. Oh, I also loved the mummies, and I was especially fascinated with the mummified cats.

I have a few pictures, though I don't think they are the best, since there were quite a few people and it is hard to get a shot without some other stranger in the frame. Nevertheless, a small selection is featured below.

If you are in London, take a few hours to pop yourself in this museum, and enjoy the relics of human history. There are so many fascinating things in here, that I could spend several visits just to admire the treasures inside.


  1. Yes, I remember looking for the Rosetta Stone as well! Like you said, can't beat free museums ;-)

    1. Zhu,

      Yeah, London is expensive, but there are plenty of free things to do!

  2. Interesting to note that the museum causes mixed feelings.

    I feel flattered when I go to a museum and I find articles from my home country.

    Not everyone feels the same though. I told friends from Greece about the Greek statues in this museum, and they didn't react positively. They wish the Greek articles to be sent back to where they were taken from.

    1. Renan,

      Of course, I know what you mean. The Elgin Marbles! Considering how they were procured, I think I sympathize with the Greeks, and would argue that the British Museum should bring them back to Athens. I am not sure if you heard of this, but a similar issue was between Yale University and Peru, which was concluded with Yale bringing back artifacts that were taken by Hiram Bingham back then.