24 October 2014

Cavorting with the Companion: Notting Hill

After visiting several museums, my partner and I decided that it is time to walk around and explore neighborhoods of London. So, I opted to head to Notting Hill. Somehow, I remember watching the movie several times back in the days, since my mother owned a VHS copy of this movie. So I was familiar with the locations more or less.

There was also a walking tour of the neighborhood that was provided by our guidebook. So we followed that, and explored the area. The photos I have below show a glimpse of what I have seen. Oh, and try to find the photobomber!

It was an interesting neighborhood, more or less. Lots of cool shops and restaurants. And yes, there were several buildings that I recognized from the movie still. Overall, we spent about a couple of hours here, before finding a stretch of markets, so we bought some snacks and munched on it.


  1. Like you, I only visited because of the movie :-D

    1. Zhu,

      Haha, yes. If I haven't seen the movie numerous times, I probably wouldn't have gone. :)