16 October 2014

Cavorting with the Companion: Tate Modern

After 11 days in Tuscany, we flew from Pisa to London. To be honest, I wasn't too looking forward to this leg of the trip. I never had a favorable view of London: it never excited me, and as someone who have strong associations of foreignness to travel, somehow, the idea of visiting London wasn't too appealing to me, as I felt that it wasn't foreign enough. I admit, I wasn't on my best form when I was in London: I hated the crowds, I was depressed, and the weather sucked. But at least, there were interesting museums to visit, and they were pretty much all free of charge. So one of the things we visited was the Tate Modern.

The Tate Modern is perhaps the most famous museum of the Tate Group. It is located in an old power station right at the banks of the Thames River.

You can see the main hall on the above photos, featuring the Turbine Room. Sometimes, there would be massive special exhibits in here, but when we visited, there weren't any.

Judging from the pictures above, you can see that this museum specializes in art that are more modern than not. That I enjoyed a lot. There might be too many people, but at least I enjoyed the art. And guess what? This museum is free! There are special exhibitions that have an entry fee, but the permanent exhibitions were huge that even though we opted to visit just the permanent exhibitions, we still spent two hours in there, at least.


  1. Like you, I used to find the UK and London a bit meh. I changed my mind when we traveled there with Feng in 2010, and returned in 2012. Gone is the London of the 1990s! It's a cool place now, and less expensive than some other European countries.

    I enjoyed the Tate Modern as well, both the building itself and the art.

    1. Zhu,

      I know, everyone keeps telling me that. I guess I just have a bias for foreign and exotic destinations, and London isn't exotic enough. Either that, or I just haven't put the time and effort to discover it. Anyway, I am sure I will be back sometime.