03 November 2014

Boys and Girls

A couple of months ago, I was in New York City, on vacation, and since one of the things I liked doing in New York City was watching theatre, I snatched a pair of tickets to watch Boys and Girls, showing in an off-Broadway theatre. This play was written and directed by Dylan Coburn Gray. This play premiered in the Dublin Fringe 2013, and this year, it was showing in New York City.

It was actually more like a structured monologue than a play. There were four actors, two boys and two girls. The topic of the play was actually sex. The boys and girls didn't interact with each other. They just delivered monologues (and they rhyme too) about their sexual experiences. And even though these characters didn't mingle with each other and pretty much were left to their own devices, somehow, all four characters still formed a cohesive whole, which is why I think I loved this production.

See, there was the macho guy. He wanted to score some sex with this girl Laura. His monologue is about how he drank alcohol and perhaps even got some drugs just so that his libido would boost up. However, in the end something happens and he actually doesn't get any.

Then there's this other guy, who was brought up as a conservative, and knows nothing about sex. He actually gets sex, but he has sex in public, in a dark alley, since both he and the girl both still live with their parents, and therefore there would be no privacy at home. The dark alley is the most private area they can have, and so they do it there. The sex was predictably bad, and overall he ends up thinking that sex is overrated.

There is this feminist girl who is an idealist when it comes to sex and relationships. Her monologue first starts with a tirade on how one should own up the term "cunt". She has in my opinion the best sex with this guy, except that this guy turns into a jerk after sex, and the feminist idealist girl ends up being part of something she has been trying to avoid.

Finally, there is this other girl, who has boring sex with a guy. She talks about the body language and the unspoken signs that they negotiate with each other. Their sex is not the best, and I guess she also doesn't have a positive view of it.

The funny thing is that I think that the person who has the best experience is actually the one who ended up not getting sex, in this picture. How ironic. But I think that's the beauty of this play. People who ended up getting it turned out to be the ones on the losing end. At least that is just how I see it.

So, if ever this production gets performed in your area, by all chances try and get tickets to watch this. It runs for around 60 minutes with no intermission. There's a lot of Irish English wordplay involved, and it is just linguistically creative that I enjoyed it a lot.


  1. Cool! I wish we had more cultural events in Ottawa...

    1. Zhu,

      It's Canada's capital, I am sure there is! Even Buffalo which is a small American city had quite a bit. But then again I haven't been to Ottawa so this is just a wild guess on my part. :)