05 November 2014

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Back in June, my partner and I decided to do a daytrip within Germany. So what we did was buy a Berlin-Brandenburg Ticket, allowing up to 5 people access to the whole Berlin and Brandenburg transportation system, as well as to stations nearby, like Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which is actually a city in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. So we took the train and spent the day here.

Wittenberg is actually known for its role in the Reformation, being one of the principal cities that Martin Luther is associated with. In fact, the Lutherhaus is a museum here, featuring the house where he grew up in, showing exhibits about the whole Reformation.

Here you can see how the old town looks like. I don't know how much of that exactly is preserved or reconstructed, but overall it was a charming little section of town, filled with cobblestoned streets and quaint little shops and restaurants.

This is the Lutherhaus. This is actually a very large building, more like a chateau, with even a small garden next to it. It also has a cellar, and an area that has been an archaeological dig. And according to the displays, this is where Martin Luther lived, together with his family. There are several exhibits about the events that lead to the Reformation, which as always, made me think about how religion is overall a bad influence in human society.

Aside from Martin Luther, another person associated with this place is Philipp Melanchthon, who also played a crucial role in the Reformation. He isn't as famous as Luther, but he has several statues and other associated places of interest around town. We checked them out as well. Some pictures of the courtyard as well as a house of his are shown above.

Overall, this was an interesting place. Very historical, and totally recommended as a daytrip from Berlin. One suggestion is to get a Berlin-Brandenburg Ticket during the weekend and grab 4 other friends of yours, so that your ticket will be definitely cheaper.


  1. Hopping on a train and going to explore another city, close enough that it's still convenient and cheap... I miss that.

    1. Zhu,

      Yeah, that is something not available in North America, which for the most part is widely spread out, and no good train connections. :/