20 January 2015

One Million

I have recently finished a bottle of cologne. And with that, I am moving to a new one.

I just finished a bottle of One Million by Paco Rabanne. I remember buying this in 2011: I was in Mexico City, in Benito Juarez International Airport, about to leave after spending one week in the city. I loved this trip, and I was feeling generous to myself after the positive experience. That, and the fact that I have some extra Mexican pesos in my wallet that I wanted to dispose. So I went to the duty-free, and spent a couple of minutes sampling what they had on offer.

Come to think of it, that trip was in January 2011: four years later, the bottle is empty. So I am shifting to Le Male Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier. To my knowledge, I haven't had a Jean Paul Gaultier cologne before, even though I somewhat knew that the original version of this cologne was rather popular. This time, I was in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport when I bought it. There were personal reasons why I bought this cologne, but I'll keep that to myself for now.

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