02 April 2015

Cloning Hipsters

Earlier this year, I saw a trend of men wearing a hairstyle involving a ponytail, where they let their hair grow long, and it is pulled to the back, and tied with a ponytail. At first I thought it was an anomaly, but later on I saw it appearing on various blogs, and I saw more and more men wearing that hairstyle. Even one clarinetist in an orchestra I attended lately was wearing it. And sure enough, when I was in Prenzlauer Berg (which has a high concentration of hipsters), I would typically see that hairstyle at least once. It makes me wonder, if hipsters are all about anti-establishment, it seems though that they suck at being original either.

See, I thought the whole point was to be different. I thought the whole point was to do something not done by the mainstream. However, it seems that not doing things the mainstream does only means growing a beard, or adopting a particular hairstyle, or wearing the same type of clothing. Whatever happened to originality? If you ask me, what I think is going on is that hipsters are just creating their own type of mainstream. They drink the same third-wave coffee, they eat the same artisan aubergines, they wear the same antique clothing.

Sometimes it makes me think that hipsters are just clones. And being a hipster isn't rebelling against the establishment, but rather, just substituting an establishment with another one, simply because the previous one didn't suit your taste somehow. But if it's originality we're talking about, then the hipsters don't have it.


  1. I tend to agree with you, some trends are super silly when adopted by a large group. Like people wearing these oversize glasses when they don't need glasses in the first place. Yeah, okay, you look cool, we saw.

    It amuses me though. I'm sure we've all followed the trend at one point or another.

    1. Zhu,

      I agree, it is this weird borderline thing between annoyance and amusement, which I experience every time I see these trend-followers. And sure, at some point in the past I was also following a trend, I guess, when I still didn't have the self-confidence to stop caring what other people thought of me.