26 May 2015

Hobnobbing in the Holy Land: The Beaches of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city with a very prominent feature: its beach, facing west, towards the Mediterranean Sea. There is a long stretch of beach from Old Jaffa all the way to the north. And while I was there, I strolled this part of town quite a few times, since it's quite an interesting part of town after all.

This area is famous for its hotel strip. Yet the beaches are not part of the hotel property, but on public land instead. Hence, you can head to the beach and hang out there even though you are not staying in a hotel.

There are restaurants and bars that are attached to the beaches. And yes, there is a beach for every person. There is an alternative beach. There is a beach for families. There is a gay beach. There is even a religious beach, where bathing is segregated between the sexes depending on the day, and it is completely surrounded by walls so that outside people cannot see your body.

As you can see by my picture above, there even is a marina, where small boats are kept. Seriously, there is plenty of activity in this part of town. It is easy to just sit back, relax, and watch the world go by. If not the world, at least the beautiful bodies that parade in front of you. After all, this is a popular place for exercising, and the weather makes it such that people wear revealing outfits when they exercise. I have to say, it is indeed motivation to be healthy and exercise myself, since these folks look good!

I am really not a beach person, so I didn't go in and couldn't say I loved this beach. Yet it's an interesting place to be nonetheless.


  1. How can you not be a beach person...??! You are from a country... of islands! :-D Yes, I know, I know... I just find it funny.

    Back in the 1990s, the years when it was quieter politically speaking, Israel was a very popular long WE getaway for rich French. There were tons of cheap flights.

    1. Zhu,

      I know, I come from a country with 7107 islands, and yes, there are plenty of awesome beaches in the Philippines. However, I do remember being bored with beaches, every time there would be a holiday, it was always the beach. I wanted something different, so I guess this was the reason why I don't find beaches interesting at the moment.