05 June 2015

How Often Do You Shower?

A few weeks ago, we had a guest staying with us. We had the guest stay with us for two nights. And somehow, during that period, this guest never went to the shower. It's not that he went to the gym or anything while he was staying with us and showered there, I don't think. But I was just a little perturbed that someone can go around for two days and not take a shower.

See, I spent quite a few years living in the tropics. I spent fourteen years in total living in the Philippines. And in the Philippines, it is quite humid and therefore it is not the most comfortable thing to be going out and around without first taking a shower before you leave the house. In fact, sometimes it can be quite humid that once you get out of the shower, you would wish you'll be getting into the shower again.

That meant that I took a shower at least once a day. And yes, it is also not comfortable to go to bed without heading to the bathroom and taking a shower again. Because going to bed while one is so sticky is not the most pleasant thing, so you would want to go and take a shower before heading to bed. So sometimes, I took showers twice a day.

Now this is where I am coming from. I just have lived in plenty of places where showering daily is the norm. So I get surprised when I meet someone who doesn't have this ritual. I mean, we don't have a water shortage like back in the days. We are not in medieval Europe anymore where bathing was seen as something that was detrimental, and people would rather douse themselves with perfumes and colognes. So I am surprised when you see someone who doesn't take a shower regularly.

I actually checked this out. Apparently the medical field doesn't think that showering daily is a must, unless you work in a dirty or sweaty environment. They say that it can actually dry your skin. And yes, I have dry skin. So the medical professionals recommend taking a shower at the very least every other day. Fine, I see that. But at least do it every other day. This guest of ours didn't take a shower for two days!

Not that he smelled. Not that he had a smell that would linger in an elevator when he stepped in and left. He didn't. Only a little bit. Only when you come close to him too much, as if there was this halo of smell, and you would only detect it when you are in quite close proximity to him. It wasn't disturbing, but it was weird.

I dunno, I am not just a fan of body odor. And sometimes when I meet people who have a higher tolerance for body odor, then I am quite surprised.


  1. I take a shower every day, can't remember the last time it didn't happen. On an overnight flight, probably? I wash my hair every day too. I can't imagine going to bed without showering or taking a bath... in the morning, I just brush teeth and wash my face.

    French have the reputation of being dirty. Used to be true, I think, many apartment buildings didn't have adequate plumbing for convenient showers.

    1. Zhu,

      Ah, if it's hot, or if I am living in the tropics, then I wouldn't go to bed without taking a shower either. Now here in Berlin, I prefer showering in the morning before heading out to work.