01 June 2015

Titanium Klaviertrio

Last month, I returned to the Spiegelsaal to watch another concert. This time, I went to see the Titanium Klaviertrio, composed to Kamila Glass on violin, Barbara Piotrowska on cello, and Maksym Rzeminski on the piano. They had an interesting program that night, composed of works coming from the Romantic and post-Romantic era, featuring Fauré, Rachmaninov, Pärt, Shostakovich, and Mendelssohn.

They began with two pieces featuring just the cello and piano. First, they performed Gabriel Fauré's Elegie op. 24, followed by Sergei Rachmaninov's Elegie op. 3 Nr. 1. Both pieces are "depressing" so to speak, given that they are both elegies, but they were definitely wonderfully executed. I haven't heard these pieces before, and it was great to hear new music, so to speak.

After that, they played Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spiegel, which is the only piece I am familiar with in this program. It was definitely wonderfully played, and this piece is best enjoyed with eyes closed. Those seven minutes were just plain amazing. Go to YouTube one of these days and listen to this piece if you can, and I have to say that the live experience is just ten times more wonderful.

Then the violinist showed up, and they performed Rachmaninov's Klaviertrio Elegiaque. Again, this piece was superbly executed. After the pause, they played what in my opinion was the best piece in the program, which is Dmitri Shostakovich's Klaviertrio Nr. 1 op. 8 c-moll. I loved the overall composition of this piece, but then again I might be biased toward Shostakovich, given that he is a favorite composer of mine.

And finally, they played Felix Mendelssohn's Klaviertrio Nr. 1 op. 49 d-moll, which is composed of four movements. The only unfortunate thing I had thought happened in this piece was that the audience were awestruck with every movement that they decided to clap after every movement. But otherwise, this piece was also meant for a virtuoso, with its lightning speed movements and technical requirements.

Overall it was an interesting evening again of classical music in Berlin. I had a great time and definitely will be back again for further offerings in this venue.

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