03 July 2015

Hobnobbing in the Holy Land: The Tower of David

As I already mentioned before, Jerusalem is full of historical sights. The Old City alone can fill days of exploration. And one of the things we checked out when we were there was the Tower of David, also known as the Jerusalem Citadel.

The current citadel actually dates from the Mamluk and Ottoman Periods. The Tower of David that people nowadays can see doesn't really have anything in connection with the historical King David, but rather, an architectural feature that was added during the 5th century AD. This is a very large site, and something that has quite a bit of historical impact.

First, I show you the walls, which are in the pictures above. The walls are massive, and you can actually walk above them and go around the whole compound. You can see plenty of things above the walls, as it provides a panoramic view of the city.

Again, as you can see in the photos above, this area provides a view of the rooftops of the Old City, as well as a view of the Dome of the Rock. It gets quite windy at the top, as it is after all, a significant height.

Now let me show you the real tower. This tower is actually featured in the logo for Jerusalem. The area has been under various administrations over the years, passing from Christian to Muslim to various other ownerships. The history of the Holy Land after all, is a very colorful one.

There is an archaeological garden in the courtyard, with plenty of old structures waiting for visitors to check out. I especially liked this arch that I found standing right in the middle of them all.

Finally, there are plenty of exhibits in the area, all of them detailing the history of the Holy Land. Someone who has an interest in history and archaeology will definitely find this place interesting. I recommend a visit to this place, and yes, they are open during Shabbat!

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