01 July 2015

Year 11

Wow, I am starting my 11th year of blogging! That means that this blog has been around for more than a decade!

Yeah, I still cannot believe how much I have written in this blog already. As you may have already known, this blog started as my way of documenting my life in graduate school. It was Summer of 2005, and I graduated from undergrad. I was getting ready to move to Buffalo, where I was accepted as a graduate student with a fellowship. Needless to say, I was excited, and so I figured it would be great to start a blog to document what I have been up to.

During the years, there have been changes. I went through religion detox. I started traveling. I graduated and moved to Berlin. What I write about nowadays is so different from what I have been blogging about years ago. Now, I just publish once every other day, and every other blog post is a travelogue, with plenty of travel pictures, which means that I disclose less about my life now, than compared to say five years ago. I guess I like that.

So what has changed for the past blogging year? Well, I still traveled, that was no change. I visited 5 new countries (Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Israel, and Palestine), in addition to visiting the Netherlands, the USA (3 times), Poland, Hungary, France, and Greece again. The past year seems to have been the year where I visited quite a bit of countries I have been to before, but nevertheless, the cities I visited within them were rather new. Aside from traveling, nothing much has changed. I am still in Berlin. I am still working. We'll see how long that lasts.

So this is the beginning of Year 11. Again, I still don't know how long I'll keep this blog up, but for the moment, it will stay. It's a nice distraction anyway.

So there, onward to Year 11. I hope you'll still hang around.

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