02 August 2015

Chrome Legend

I have recently finished a bottle of cologne. And with that, I am moving to a new one.

I just finished a bottle of Chrome Legend by Azzaro. I remember buying this one in May 2010, in Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. I was flying back to Manila after an absence of 3 years, and I was browsing the duty-free section. The Armenian sales person was quite persuasive so I decided to buy this one. I bought a 75ml bottle, as the larger bottle was 125ml and therefore cannot be carried as carry-on in aircraft. I didn't use it until much later, as a summer cologne. I really loved the smell, though, as with most colognes, I love it when I start the bottle, but when the bottle is almost finished, I feel like I cannot wait until it is finished so that I can move on to the next bottle.

So now I am moving on to Only The Brave Wild by Diesel, released in September 2014. It seems that I have a habit of buying the limited edition or derivative edition of colognes, as this cologne is a variation of the original 2009 edition. As usual, I bought this in an airport. This time, I was in Chicago O'Hare Airport earlier this year, in May, as I was flying back from Buffalo to Berlin. It is a 75ml bottle, and the bottle is rather swanky too. The scent has notes of grapefruit and lemongrass, so it's perfect as a summer scent. We'll see how this goes.

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