22 August 2015

Desensitized Moving

It's been three years since I have moved from Buffalo to Berlin. In fact, it will be exactly three years when the next month comes. Three years ago on this date, my sister actually went all the way from New York City to Buffalo to visit me, so that she would be there during my Graduation Party. How fast time flies. And now, three years later, I am starting to consider what I would be doing next.

See, my current position is a fixed-term position. It was a great first job after graduate school. But I guess as with most of us, we eventually think of moving on. And so I am at that point now. Even though I still have some time in my current job, I am already thinking what I would be doing after that, so that the segue would be as smooth as possible. Hence, I have started looking at potential new positions. And I guess this brings me to thinking about moving again.

Alas, this time it will be different. I have a two-body problem now. Moving won't be as simple as before, since there are two bodies that are moving, not just one. So that would be interesting. It's definitely an adult decision, and not something that can simply be done on a whim.

This made me realize how desensitized I am when it comes to moving. Pretty much anywhere in the world is fair game, at least if I had my way. I have moved 9 times in the past, and all of those were international moves. Yes, half of those were us moving back to Manila, which is a place we knew, but the other half was pretty much a strike in the dark. My dad was told that he would be assigned to a city somewhere, and we would all pack up and go, without knowing anyone there in the city.

For me, that was natural, but I guess, for most people, it is not. I have become aware of considerations that most other people have that I don't when it comes to moving. When I moved to Berlin, I never really thought that I probably might not like it because I know nobody there, but for some people that is a consideration. No wonder my parents always contacted the local branch of the church they belong to, since the church basically was a proxy for friends. After all, for Jehovah's Witnesses, as long as you claim that you are a Witness, then you're automatically a friend, and therefore trusted.

But I digress. This is not a rant about religion. This is just me wondering about the things one needs to consider when one moves to a new city, which is potentially going to happen to me in the next year or so. I suppose I have recently realized that most people consider moving a stressful occasion, but for me, while I do find it stressful of course, there's also a huge part of me that thinks it is actually an exciting thing to do.

Stay tuned.


  1. I hear you... like you said, two bodies, two minds, you gotta make it work. Not always easy, I know.

    1. Zhu,

      It's not always easy, definitely, but I'll surely try to satisfy the most constraints! :)