07 September 2015

The Hungarian Wedding

Back in July, we were invited to attend a wedding in Budapest. So we booked our tickets and spent a weekend there. It would be my third time to visit Hungary, and the second time in 2015. The last time I was in Budapest was back in January, in the middle of winter, and this time it was in the middle of summer.

It was definitely hot. The temperature was hovering around 35 C. And given European buildings, air conditioning isn't really a thing there.

We were told to wear a suit or a jacket. And definitely a tie. I don't remember the last time I wore a tie, I think it was back in 2008, when I was still attending church. Or maybe in 2012, when I attended a friends' wedding in Los Angeles, but I wasn't sure we were supposed to wear ties back then. Anyway, I had to practice. Fortunately, I still remember how to tie a tie. My muscle memory still helped.

We were supposed to show up at 17:30. Since drinking was in the picture, me, my partner, and my quasi-in-laws decided to took a cab instead, so that we won't have to worry about driving while having alcohol in our system when we wanted to go home later that night. It was a no-kids wedding, so there weren't any young ones at all, only adults.

It was a Hungarian civil wedding: an official from the Hungarian local government was there to preside at the ceremony, and there was no religion at all involved. Food and drink, however, was definitely involved. When we entered the venue, there were light appetizers that were served, as well as juice, water, and champagne to those who wanted. After thirty minutes, the ceremony started.

However, there was a small fiasco. The rings were missing. After a few minutes of waiting, they showed up. And speaking of things that showed up, there were also other interesting people that showed up. Apparently, there was this Hungarian celebrity that showed up as a surprise, who sang two songs once the ceremony was over. It was definitely party mood. While I didn't know who the artist was, there were plenty of people in the room who did.

The whole event was in Hungarian, of course. While I do not speak Hungarian, there were plenty of friendly people who kept me company. And I kept myself busy deciphering the language. After all, I am dating a Hungarian, so I can't really say that I know nothing with regards the Hungarian language.

The dinner was good. And the entertainment was a little loud, but the dancing was interesting. The crowd was interesting too, and definitely in a good way. See, while I am not a close acquaintance of the family, I have met a few members of them back in September 2014, when we were in New York City, as some of them live in the United States. Let's say that they are close enough that we can call them if we happen to be in town to meet up.

Overall, I had a good time. I have been to four weddings now, all in different countries, and each time there is something interesting I find. Let's just say that the Hungarians definitely know how to party!


  1. Is it weird when you can't understand the ceremony because you don't speak the language?

    1. Zhu,

      Hmm, not really because of the language. I guess I am used to being in situations where I didn't understand everything that was happening. In this case, there were indeed plenty of things that I didn't understand, mostly the antics that they were planning. A Hungarian celebrity showed up, the rings were missing, and later on we learned that the groom was kidnapped by a bunch of drag queens and the bride had to search for him!