03 October 2015

Berlin Boogie: Tulip Festival in Britzer Garten

Britzer Garten is a very large park located in southeastern Berlin. Until earlier this year, I knew this garden exists, but I never really visited it. Until a friend of ours proposed that we visit the Tulip Festival, that apparently happens every Spring.

So we went. Wow, the park is huge. There is even a lake in the middle of it. However, we made a beeline to the Tulip Festival, which basically impressed me. I didn't realize there were so many varieties of tulips out there.

See how pretty they are? I never really got up close and personal to tulips before, so this was my first time admiring them really close. It's amazing how much variety there can be!


  1. Eh, feels like they were taken in Ottawa during the... Tulip Festival! :-) Tulips are lovely flowers, and that's from someone who isn't into flowers.

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, I've heard of the Tulip Festival in Ottawa, as well as the historical background why there is such a festival there! I think if I remember correctly it has something to do with the fact that Canada gave the Netherlands a big favor during the war and the Dutch sent lots of tulips in return.